Climate Skeptics Are Stupid…

...and they think you are equally as stupid. Here is Christopher Booker's latest thing for the UK Telegraph:

The scare over global warming, and our politicians' response to it, is becoming ever more bizarre. On the one hand we have the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change coming up with yet another of its notoriously politicised reports, hyping up the scare by claiming that world surface temperatures have been higher in 11 of the past 12 years (1995-2006) than ever previously recorded.

This carefully ignores the latest US satellite figures showing temperatures having fallen since 1998, declining in 2007 to a 1983 level - not to mention the newly revised figures for US surface temperatures showing that the 1930s had four of the 10 warmest years of the past century, with the hottest year of all being not 1998, as was previously claimed, but 1934.

I don't know nothing about nothing, but THE WORLD is different than THE US. Booker is mixing his statistics like an idiot and expecting the rest of us idiots to not notice. In other words, he's comparing the IPCC's world temperature figures ("world surface temperatures have been higher") to temperatures within the borders of the United States ("US surface temperatures showing...").

The fact is that the hottest year IN THE WORLD was 2005. The hottest year in the United States used to be 1934 -- but now it's 2006. The United States represents only 2 percent of the world's surface area.

Then Booker exploits this deliberately misleading information as the basis for the conclusion that the climate crisis is, "another vastly inflated scare."

And you know which idiot bought the lie this time? Drudge, of course, who presents this as legitimate news with the misleading headline:

Satellite Data Shows Temps FALLING Since 1998, declining to 1983 levels...

It's one thing for skeptics to dismiss the climate crisis with only vague references to actual science (as Tony Blankley did on McLaughlin this weekend), but Booker shows us some scientific data and believes -- hopes we're too dumb to notice that he's full of shit. I'm not sure if that's brazen, ballsy, moronic or all three.