Lying Liars

Clinton Book Author Admits, Once Again, That He’s a Fraud

Written by SK Ashby

Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer claims in his book that Hillary Clinton chose not to veto a purchase made by the Russian State Atomic Nuclear Agency because the Clinton Foundation received donations in exchange.

That's a long stretch, to say the least, and Schweizer admitted today that the words he used were not exactly true.

via Media Matters

During a May 5 Politico podcast interview, Schweizer admitted that "veto is probably not the best word" and "what I meant by veto power was as we explain the process, you know, if somebody objects it kicks in the special investigation."

What I meant was this other thing that is no way a veto.

In reality, the Clinton State Department was just one agency among a panel including eight other agencies who were responsible for reviewing the sale of Uranium mines located in the United States which were owned by a Canadian company.

As the conspiracy theory goes, the sale was approved thanks to Hillary Clinton, but for that to be true it would mean you're alleging that she actually controlled nine agencies rather than just one.

As long as Schweizer continues to admit that he is a fraud, the Clintons should have no reason to "Vince Foster" him, right? Did they get to him?