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Clinton Book Author Lies Too Much for Some at Fox News

Written by SK Ashby

Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer has apparently told some lies that are too egregious even for some reporters at Fox News.

Schweizer claims the Clinton Foundation only distributes 10 percent of funding to those in need and keeps the other 90 percent for itself, but that's so misleading as to be a lie.

via Media Matters

Fox News senior correspondent Eric Shawn recently reported the 10 percent figure used by Clinton critics "sounds really bad but it's actually incredibly misleading." He explained that the way the charity works is they "don't give grants to other charities. They do most of it themselves." He cited IRS figures stating the foundation has a "rate of spending of about 80 percent" and "experts for charity say that's very good. That usually you want a charity to give about 80 percent." (Despite Shawn's reporting, his Fox News colleagues have repeatedly pushed the statistic.)

The New York Times paid for early access to Schweizer's drivel.

How is that working out?