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Clinton Book Publisher Forced to Issue Corrections

Written by SK Ashby

HarperCollins, the publisher of Peter Schweizer's Clinton Cash, has been forced to issue "7-8 factual corrections" that they say are minor corrections, but that's not exactly the case.

HarperCollins told the site that the changes were "actually quite minor."

"We made 7-8 factual corrections after the first printing and fixed a technical issue regarding the endnotes," the publisher said. "This global fix may have made the changes appear more extensive than they were.”

We've discussed some of Schweizer's biggest fibs and tall tales already, the most egregious of which may be the allegation that a bank with a financial stake in the Keystone XL pipeline extension paid Bill Clinton for speeches in exchange for selling its shares after Hillary Clinton ended her term as Secretary of State. That allegation was based on a fake press release.

Schweizer also recently claimed that the Clinton Foundation, a charitable public health program, only spends 10 percent of donations on charity. The truth is it spends at least 80 percent.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Fox News paid for early access to Schweizer's fantasy novel which has now been corrected by the publisher.

I have a hunch that there will be more than 8 corrections when all is said and done.