Democratic Party

Clinton-Clinton '08

With regards to Senator Clinton's surprise win in New Hampshire as well as her prospects moving forward into the next four weeks of contests, no-one in the punditocracy has mentioned that Senator Clinton already has... a running mate.

Her running mate happens to be, arguably, the world's most popular living politician: President Bill Clinton. There is no doubt that President Clinton is behaving and stumping as if he were an actual vice presidential nominee. He's not, but he's playing that role. There is no doubt that his on-going schedule of stump speeches and town hall meetings is making a significant difference for Senator Clinton on the ground.

Senator Obama, on the other hand and with the exception of a single event with Oprah Winfrey, is completely out-matched when it comes to sheer brute force on the stump. BUT...

...he totally dominated in Iowa and came within 2 or 3 points in New Hampshire -- which would normally, in political primary terms, be considered a "win" given President Clinton's Godzilla-like presence. But this election is anything but normal.

Pundit predictions or not; poll inaccuracies or not; emotions and the female vote or not; Senator Obama's disciplined, smart campaign at every level has been historic and awe inspiring to be sure, but the fact that he's too-close-to-call with the Clinton-Clinton '08 ticket says so much about the support he's inspiring with voters.