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CNN economics reporter wrong on SS

CNN correspondent Kathleen Hays incorrectly claimed that Social Security benefits cannot be passed along to heirs. Wow! I'm no economics expert, but even I know this.

And how do I know this? Because once a year (like millions of Americans) I get a statement from the Social Security Administration informing me of what my benefits would be should I become physically incapacitated as well as what the projected monthly payment would be upon my retirement. In addition, this same, helpful, easy to understand document (started under the Clinton administration) also tells me how much money my heirs (surviving wife and children) would receive. And in almost every case, it is my FULL BENEFITS!

Obviously CNN's Kathleen Hays is incompetent - since her beat is economics, she should know this. But even more astounding, has she never read HER benefits package statement? What a moron!

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