CNN's Dana Loesch Keeps on Lying

Dana wrote this on the CNN website:

Maybe Fluke's boyfriend, the son of entrenched Democrat William Mutterperl, can pay for her contraception. His father donates heavily to Democrat candidates. The couple is currently enjoying spring break in California, which poses the question of how Fluke can afford a trip across the country when she can't afford birth control pills.

Before they get sued for libel, CNN should probably correct this since Fluke wasn't talking about herself in her testimony to congressional Democrats. Naturally, reality and facts don't matter to liars like Loesch, Limbaugh and Steyn. But CNN needs to do a better job policing the lies it posts on its internets.

Adding... It's none of Loesch's goddamn business what Fluke does or where she goes. Another wingnut stalking and exposing a private citizen. Classy.