Codifying Misogyny

Do you have an impressive bust? Perfectly toned legs? Is your boss unable to prevent himself from having sexual thoughts about you simply because you have a Vagina? If so, the Iowa Supreme Court has decided that firing you because of it is not discrimination.

Standing by a December decision, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday that a male dentist who fired a female assistant because she was too attractive and threatened his marriage did not commit sex discrimination.

The all-male court ruled against Melissa Nelson, who sued her former employer James Knight, alleging Knight’s wife told Knight to fire Nelson because “she was a big threat to our marriage.”

‘I can’t control myself and stop thinking about your ass so you gotta to go. You’re fired.’

This is the epitome of slut-shaming. But I’m sure she was asking for it anyway by wearing those clothes, right? The Iowa Supreme Court seems to think so.