Open Thread Racism Torture

Color Blind


Artist – David Horsey

In other news, the CIA torture report due to be released tomorrow may have some very ugly details tucked away inside it according to ABC News.

The use of waterboarding stopped many years ago, but, according to those who have seen this report, ugly new details about those procedures will be revealed, where prisoners were sexually demeaned, and CIA interrogators were urged to continue, even after concluding that no more information could be gleaned.

The obvious question is who urged them to continue? Someone higher up at the CIA? The White House? It’s amazing that we’re still learning just how terrible the Bush administration was. And Dick Cheney says “so?”

Meanwhile, National Review editor Rich Lowry says “forced kissing” (yes he even used the word “forced”) is not sexual assault and shouldn’t be counted as such. That would be the same Rich Lowry who sat up a little straighter on the couch after Sarah Palin winked at him. Creepy.

Mondays are the worst, especially when you have a head cold.