Comcast Gets Screwed For A Change

The FCC is going to do something right for a change.

The Federal Communications Commission is preparing to impose significant new regulations to open the cable television market to independent programmers and rival video services after determining that cable companies have become too dominant in the industry, senior commission officials said.

It is a major departure for the agency and the industry, which was deregulated by an act of Congress in 1996.

Officials say the finding could lead to more diverse programs; consumer groups say it could also lead to lower rates.

Other than my mortgage, my Comcast bill is the most exepensive household check I write each month. Around $170 per month for cable, internet and phone (VOIP). It's even larger if we order On-Demand movies. And they consistently treat us like shit. Yet there's nowhere else to turn for all of these services, other than going back to a la carte services from Verizon and all the rest. Among other advantages, this ruling will at least give us some ammunition to threaten snippy customer service reps.

And of course the larger, more significant point... This ruling does honor to the great Sherman Antitrust Act. It's about damn time.