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Come For Overpriced Steaks, Stay For Corruption

Written by SK Ashby

The Trump family is looking to sell their flagship hotel at the Old Post Office in Washington D.C. and they appear to be having trouble finding a buyer as they resort to increasingly audacious marketing strategies.

According to new marketing materials reviewed by CNN, the Trumps are advertising the fact that owning the hotel will give you access to foreign governments.

The hotel's biggest selling point though, according to a copy of the brochure seen by CNN, is the one thing that the Trump family insists it didn't take advantage of: profiting off foreign governments.

"Tremendous upside potential exists for a new owner to fully capitalize on government related business upon rebranding of the asset," reads the 46-page investor pitch. [...]

Though it includes specific numbers of how much money it turned away from foreign governments, the pitch does not include figures for how much the hotel has accepted, despite reports showing it has become a magnet for foreign officials. Nor does it provide actual or historical financial performance data for the hotel, which is named in multiple lawsuits accusing Trump of using the property to illegally profit off his presidency.

You know, the problem with this pitch -- which should be recognized by any potential suitor who isn't utterly clueless -- is that foreign governments are only interested in staying at the property because it's own by the goddamn president.

Ain't no one staying at this shithole the moment Trump takes his name off of it or he leaves offices, whichever occurs first. The filthy rich diplomats of Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E, among others, are not saying at Trump's hotels for the decor or the tacky, overpriced cocktails meant for MAGA tourists. They aren't the ones ordering well-done steaks.