Stupid Party Super Stupid

Complete Nonsense

Written by SK Ashby

There's something absolutely delightful about British politicians making a mockery of our elected idiots.

London Mayor Boris Johnson spoke at at event in Washington D.C. today where he described Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's no-go zones as "complete nonsense."

Johnson said [he] could offer the potential presidential contender a "gentle education" on the "jumbled up" ethnic mix in London.

"There are no no-go zones," he said. "It isn't true". Johnson added that he would be "more than happy to personally escort" Jindal to "any area of London he thinks is a no-go zone".

Republicans may want to avoid London in the future because it appears that every time one of them visits the city, they inevitably say or do something pants-on-head stupid

On the other hand, perhaps we should encourage them to visit.