Concealed-Carry Bill Pulled Because it Would Apply to Gay Spouses

Written by SK Ashby

Lawmakers in Nebraska were close to passing a bill that would make it easier for all military spouses recognized by the federal government to apply for a concealed-carry permit but the bill was tabled at the request of its chief sponsor.

The bill was shelved after state Senator Dave Bloomfield (R) realized it would make it easier for gay spouses to acquire a permit and possibly violate the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

During first-round debate last week, senators amended the bill to say the permits could be sought by anyone who receives the benefits as a military spouse. [...]

Bloomfield said Monday he didn’t think the amendment undermined Nebraska’s definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. But he decided that with the Supreme Court planning to rule on the issue this summer, there was no reason to invite uncertainty by proceeding with his bill.

“How we got the whole issue of gay marriage combined with concealed carry is beyond me,” he said.

I can see how this would be very conflicting if you're both a social conservative and a gun-rights activist. Does your belief that everyone should carry a gun trump your fear of gay people? Aren't gay spouses just as in need of personal defense as heterosexual spouses?

If anything where to give social conservatives pause and a moment to reconsider their opposition to gay rights, guns might be that thing.

Or maybe not.