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Congress Insists Gitmo Will Remain Open

As predicted, Congress will, once again, vote to keep the prison at Guantanamo Bay open by baring the administration from transferring detainees into the United States for trial.

The panels reached a compromise on Guantánamo, where the House and Senate had competing measures on the transfer of detainees there.

The final bill will continue a prohibition on the transfer of detainees to the United States, but will ease restrictions on transfers overseas, according to aides. It will not include a restriction on transfers to Yemen that was in the House version of the bill.

While some restrictions on transferring detainees to other countries will be eased, not many countries actually want them.

As for why Congress is so adamant that detainees not be transferred state-side; depending on who you ask, the response may range anywhere from “ooga booga, I don’t want terrorists in my constituents’ back yard,” to complaints that civilian trials would be too soft on them.

It’s possible the issue could be revisited this time next year, but for now the infamous prison will remain open.