Congressional Dems to investigate Bush

Freshly minted Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) sounds like he's ready to take the gloves off. Congressional Democrats will begin hearings into a handful of Bush improprieties in January. Hopefully, it'll happen with the right PR and the right names and some solid evidence. They certainly have plenty of material. From AP:

"There are too many unasked and unanswered questions and the American public deserves better," the Nevada senator said at a news conference.

They said issues that "cry out" for closer investigation, in addition to contracting abuses in Iraq, include the administration's use of prewar intelligence and its reported effort to stifle information about the true cost of the new Medicare prescription drug benefit. Reid also mentioned global warming and the "No Child Left Behind" education program as topics that needed a closer look.

Bush's second term has begun.