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Connecting the Dots

Posted by JumpyPants

The President today connected two big dots: Health Care Reform and Job Creation.

"...reforming our health insurance system will be a critical step in rebuilding our economy so that our entrepreneurs can pursue the American dream again and our small businesses can grow and expand and create new jobs again."

I ran a small not-for-profit for 7 years. Part of the reason we closed shop? We couldn't insure our employees.

The very fact of this debate is itself absurd. Here are the two sides:

Pro-Reform: Everyone needs care when they get sick. Everyone pays tax dollars. Tax dollars should pay for care for people who get sick (in addition to paying for bombing the shit out of Iraq, of course, and building more nukes, of course, and paying for top-flight health care for Max Baucus, of course).

Anti-Reform (and can we start calling them that?): Your tax dollars shouldn't be put toward your health and well-being.

Translation of the Anti-Reform position: Give me your money, and fuck you.