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Conservative Media Feeling Victimized Again

Media Matters quotes conservative media reacting to their very bad week culminating with the indictments of conservative stalwarts such as Dinesh D’Souza and Gov. Bob McDonnell, as well as ongoing investigations into Gov. Chris Christie’s evolving Bridgegate scandal.


Alex Jones:

“Emergency Alert!!!: This is it, we are in deep shit! If they get away with this they will come for all of us, that’s how it works!!!”

Laura Ingraham:

“We are criminalizing political dissent in the United States of America. Welcome to the Brave New World of retribution justice.”

Rush Limbaugh:

“Democrats are out to criminalize as many Republicans and Conservatives as they can.”

Fox Nation Headline:


Fox News Headline(because Fox Nation and Fox News are totally independent schools of thought):

‘SELECTIVE’ CHARGES? Feds indict filmmaker behind anti-Obama doc?

NEWSMAX headline:

Payback: ’2016 Obama’ Movie’s D’Souza Indicted

In one of his less-crazy comments, former Rep. Joe Walsh and current host of his own show on public airwaves, no less, knows exactly what this is all about: The NAZIs.

They’re adorable. First nut who shows up with a gun at a Democratic party office wins a free shout-out from Right wing media.