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Conservatives Aren't Funny. Ever.

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Republicans are hilarious.

No, not like that.

They make me laugh just about every day, but it’s not because they’re naturally funny with killer senses of humor. They simply, and unintentionally, do stupid things that make me laugh out loud. And that’s a good thing because given the awfulness they often blurt out and the intensity with which I follow their antics, it’s a considerably better reaction than screaming and banging my face against the wall.

The other day, I wrote an item for The Daily Banter (later crossposted at The Huffington Post) about the Fox News Channel show The Five. In addition to dingus-level political commentary on the show, it kind of fancies itself as a comedy show with several panelists offering up funny reactions to the news. But the funny isn’t really funny. It’s usually at about the same level as Bruno Kirby’s “Lieutenant Steve” character from Good Morning, Vietnam.

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  • Victor_the_Crab

    Some might say Dennis Miller is a funny right winger. Except that hairy assface stopped trying to be funny a decade ago when he sold his soul to the right and is now better known as Bill O’Reilly’s monkey.

  • Oddly enough, “Nymphomaniacal Penis Hoarder” is the name of my band.

  • Zasta_Krockett

    Bob, you’re not rich and you don’t work for a major news channel, your arguments are invalid.

  • mrbrink

    Where’s Cleavon Little’s railroad shovel when you need it?

    If Dylan Ratigan’s penis could talk, it would tell Eric Bolling to stop stealing its act.

  • Conservatives tend to stand for those who are already advantaged, everybody else’s favorite target for satire. Jokes about the disadvantaged on the other hand are more mean than funny. As a result most conservative attempts at satire fall flat.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I’ve said it many, many times before: “conservatives” aren’t funny because they have no sense of humor about themselves; they absolutely cannot take a joke if the butt of said joke is a Republican or “conservative” politician, aligned pundit or icon. They cannot see the humor in, nor joke about, nor laugh at, their own “side’s” more ridiculous political figures and rhetorical excesses, hence they have no idea how ridiculous they are. The cannot tell the difference between humor and meanness, whether they’re on the receiving or dishing end. They cannot tell or understand the difference between a mere expletive (see: Maher/Palin) and an insulting, slanderous insinuation (Limbaugh/Fluke), and again, this applies regardless of who the speaker and target are.

    People who can’t laugh at themselves, or laugh at the people and things they identify with, I don’t think can be funny because they lack a true sense of humor. For such people, the only thing that amuses them is other people’s pain, other people’s perceived shortcomings, other people’s misfortune, other people’s assumed characteristics. They laugh at people and at things, but that’s all. That’s not a sense of humor; that’s just meanness disguised as humor.

    • muselet

      Plus, humor depends on subverting expectations, and the average Righty becomes uncomfortable when confronted by the unexpected.