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Conservatives Aren't Funny. Ever.

My Thursday post for The Daily Banter is up. Read and RT often, if you please.

Republicans are hilarious.

No, not like that.

They make me laugh just about every day, but it’s not because they’re naturally funny with killer senses of humor. They simply, and unintentionally, do stupid things that make me laugh out loud. And that’s a good thing because given the awfulness they often blurt out and the intensity with which I follow their antics, it’s a considerably better reaction than screaming and banging my face against the wall.

The other day, I wrote an item for The Daily Banter (later crossposted at The Huffington Post) about the Fox News Channel show The Five. In addition to dingus-level political commentary on the show, it kind of fancies itself as a comedy show with several panelists offering up funny reactions to the news. But the funny isn’t really funny. It’s usually at about the same level as Bruno Kirby’s “Lieutenant Steve” character from Good Morning, Vietnam.

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