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Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Says Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Was “Totally Set Up”

Written by Bob Cesca

There's a maxim in the entertainment business: beat it to death if it succeeds. And no one can beat something to death quite like flimflam artist Alex Jones who continues to market the conspiracy theory that the Boston Marathon Bombing was faked. Indeed, every mass shooting or national tragedy is a false flag conspiracy in the addled mind of Jones and his legion of flying psychomonkeys -- including, by the way, his chief goon Dan Bidondi who made a name for himself by shouting "false flag!" at several of the Boston Marathon press conferences.

On Wednesday, one of the two suspects in the bombing, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was found guilty on all 30 counts for his involvement in the bombing -- a tragedy on American soil rivaled only by Sandy Hook and 9/11. From here, deliberations will begin as to whether Tsarnaev will receive the death penalty.

And guess who rushed to Tsarnaev's defense? Alex Jones, of course.

Uh, the Tsarnaev living brother, convicted in the Boston Marathon bombing said he was not guilty, but they've actually cut his larynx out.

Well, he plead not guilty. And the thing about his larynx being cut out is also an unproved conspiracy theory that has something to do with Israeli doctors evidently trying to silence Tsarnaev -- stupidly, since he could presumably enter a written testimony if he chose to do so. The truth is, once Tsarnaev had recovered from his wounds inflicted during the manhunt, he was extensively questioned. I mean, has Alex Jones ever spoken a single sentence that doesn't have a huge stinking turd of a lie in there?

And then his lawyer came out and said he was guilty on the news a few weeks ago. Boy, with defense lawyers like that.

No, she said it in an opening statement in a strategy to get a deal to avoid the death penalty. Tsarnaev's lawyer, Judy Clarke, used the same strategy when she defended Jared Lee Loughner, the shooter in the Tucson massacre, and it worked that time. Hence the reason why Tsarnaev plead guilty but whose lawyer admitted his guilt. That's all. There's no plot here. But Alex Jones has a massive financial fortune to supplement, so...

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