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Conspiracy Theorists Ask the Tyrant President to Ignore the Law


We have enough Obama/Immigration conspiracy theories to curate a wikipedia page at this point, but when infamous insane person Tom Tancredo spelled out his conspiracy theory he also said something else that is far more interesting and seemingly contradictory.

via RightWingWatch

Former Colorado Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo, said Wednesday that the crisis of Central American refugees at the southern border is “all part of a plan” by President Obama to “fundamentally transform America.”

Speaking with Newsmax host Steve Malzberg, Tancredo said that the president should simply ignore the Bush-era child-trafficking law that is complicating attempts to deal with child refugees.

If you’re the president you have to be confused because you stand accused of being an all-scheming deceiver who flouts the law, but at the same time people are demanding that you ignore the law.

The anti-human trafficking law Tancredo is demanding the president ignore is the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 which was signed by former President Bush.

The law requires that children who enter the country unaccompanied be granted a hearing before their deportation and that the children remain in the care of the Department of Health and Human Services. The law was passed in the interests of ensuring that we don’t immediately deport victims of human trafficking or abuse.

In this instance the president is absolutely following the law, but he’s facing demands to ignore the law because we have to get the brown kids out of the country as soon as possible regardless of why they’re here.

As for the conspiracy theory, this is what Tancredo had to say:

“And you know how this sounds, I know how people immediately go, ‘Oh, there’s a conspiracy theorist out there.’ Now, look. It’s not a conspiracy if he tells the world what he wants. If Obama says on numerous occasions, ‘I intend to fundamentally transform’ and then he begins doing it, it’s not a conspiracy. This is absolutely part of that.”

Duh. The president said he was going to transform the nation by fostering violence in other nations which would inevitably lead to the increased migration of children who would then be placed in federal processing facilities while they await deportation.

Boom. Transformed.

Tancredo is not the first person to demand that the president ignore the law, but he may be the first to call for ignoring the law while simultaneously accusing the president of creating the problem as part of some nefarious “plan.”