Election 2012 Super Stupid

Conspiracy Theory

Let’s switch gears and talk about a different conspiracy theory.

Remember unskewed polls? The author of that poll has found a way to fuse his conspiracy with the alleged IRS conspiracy.

The president’s administration engaged in a systematic and wide-scale suppression of Tea Party and conservative activity and votes, via the IRS targeting of those groups and other activities, that I believe clearly denied Mitt Romney the election that clearly would have won by about the very margin I predicted on November 5 of last year. The 2012 election is proven to be bogus, and I have no doubt that the Obama Regime stole that election with a variety of tactics and strategies that suppressed at least 7 million Romney votes across the country, as well as at least 2-3 million more votes gained in the Obama column via voters fraud in several key swing states.

Mitt Romney lost because of IRS targeting. You know, the IRS targeting that approved more Tea Party groups than liberal groups.