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Conspiracy Theory 2: The Batshittening

We have a new theory on the influx of undocumented children from Central America and this one is the craziest theory yet.

According to the head of ALIPAC, President Obama has facilitated the migration of these children in cooperation with China to punish “evil Whitey.”

via RightWingWatch

In an interview with Jim Schneider of VCY America on Tuesday, anti-immigrant activist William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC claimed that in the event of a U.S.- China war over the Taiwan Strait, China will recruit undocumented immigrants to fight the U.S. from within and will then give them American land, a move he compared to Abraham Lincoln giving land to former slaves after recruiting blacks to fight in the Civil War. [...]

Earlier in the interview, Gheen claimed that President Obama is “sponsoring and facilitating” an immigrant “invasion” so “what he sees as evil Whitey can’t ever do anything to come back from it.”

Let’s make sure we get this right.

President Obama secretly fostered violence in Central American countries so that children would flee north into the United States only to later join the Chinese military in an invasion. After the successful invasion and the end of America as we know it, the child soldiers will be given land.

Most importantly, the president hatched this nefarious plot just to punish white people.


Do white people really deserve to live if we fall for the oldest trick in the book; the secret Skrull invasion of children? The plan doesn’t work if just one thread of it pulls loose, so if Obama can pull this off his legacy will undoubtedly rival that of the most insidious comic book supervillians.

William Gheen is not necessarily a fringe voice. A number of Republican congressional candidates and sitting congressmen have sought the support of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

Two weeks ago Gheen warned that immigrants “may smile at you as they serve you your cheeseburger or peruse across your lawn with a weed eater” but they’re actually plotting to kill you. That was after he called on opponents of immigration reform to mail dirty underwear to politicians who support it.

Sitting congressmen Steve King (R-IA) and Steve Stockman (R-TX) also believe the undocumented children were led into the country by President Obama to become future Democratic voters and usher in a new era of socialism, but China and the coming Race War didn’t make into their theory.

WorldNetDaily believes the children will be used to incite a revolution and declare martial law.

Who knows what tomorrow’s theory will be? I bet it will involve Nazis on the Moon.