Conspiracy Theory Wingnuts

Conspiracy Theory


If you’re participating in the upcoming rally to overthrow the government, beware of drones!

Terry Trussell, Operation American Spring’s chief of staff, told “Patriot Nation” host Mark Hoffmann last week that organizers are “expecting the unexpected,” including a drone strike. He noted, though, that a drone strike could reflect negatively on the administration: “When the government destroys the capital just to get rid of us, I think it’s going to work to their discredit.”

Hoffmann advised participants to bring bug-out bags to the event in case they “have to run for your life.”

To say that these lunatics have delusions of grandeur would be putting it mildly.

The government isn’t going to end America as we know it just because a hundred angry white people showed up to the capitol and waved misspelled placards and Gadsden flags.

Conservatism is a mental illness.