Benghazi Conspiracy Theory Hillary Clinton

Conspiracy Theory


Ahmed Abu Khattala has seemingly confirmed that the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi was motivated, at least in part, by an anti-Islamic video, but Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is convinced that Hillary Clinton masterminded a conspiracy.

That would be a conspiracy to tell the truth, in hindsight.

JOHNSON: “You know, if you were Secretary of State, given the responsibility to go to Andrews Air Force Base, to welcome home the remains of those four Americans, would you do your duty and offer the condolences of a nation? Or would you seize that moment, that opportunity, to plant and perpetuate a cover up? I mean, that is a craven, political act, because that’s what she did with Tyrone Woods’ father, and basically saying, ‘We’re going to get that video producer, we’re going to make sure he’s arrested.’ Again, that’s just a craven, political act.”

Ron Johnson has clearly spent more time considering if he would do his duty or seize the opportunity than anyone else has.