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Conspiracy Theory


Arizona state Senator Kelli Ward (R) is very concerned about Chemtrails, or at least her constituents are and she’s taking their concerns serious enough to hold a public hearing.

State Sen. Kelli Ward (R) told the Havasu News that she’s heard from some constituents who were concerned about contrails from airplanes having an effect on both the mercury levels in their bloodstream and on the local weather.

“I have gotten a lot of communications from people who are concerned and there has been a sense that no one has been doing anything for them to address those concerns,” she told the Havasu News. “I can’t do field tests on the water, but I can connect them to the people who do.”

People who don’t believe in climate change or global warming will believe in Chemtrails.

This reminds me of the northeastern residents who claimed that their neighborhood wind turbines make them sick. And, as you might have guessed, the Environmental Protection Agency found no evidence of that either.

Why use Chemtrails to control the weather anyway? Why not use the Weather Weapon?