Conspiracy Theory Immigration Rick Perry

Conspiracy Theory


On Monday Texas Governor Rick Perry opined that the Obama administration might be “somehow or another” responsible for the influx of undocumented children and that the president may have an “ulterior motive” for allowing it to continue.

Thanks to WorldNetDaily, we now know what the motive is: provoke conservatives into an uprising.

Today’s warning comes from Morgan Brittany, who writes that Obama will use the increase in child migrants as a calculated way to incite an anti-Obama revolution, giving the president a justification to introduce “martial law,” start “confiscating our guns and ammo,” create a “totalitarian state” and begin a spate of “military arrests”

That darn Obama sure is devious.

Apparently he fostered violence in the home countries of these children who then migrated to America. Now that they’re here, they’ll be used to provoke conservatives into a revolution that will open the door for another terrible remake of Red Dawn.

The most unbelievable aspect of this theory is the idea that conservatives are going to leave the couch and march against the government in force.

Coal-rolling is their idea of a revolution.