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Conspiracy Theory


The last several years have seen a number of railroad incidents and disasters involving the transportation of crude oil that have led to many deaths, and so the Department of Transportation is implementing new regulations in response.

That seems simple enough, right?

Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) has an alternative theory for why the Transportation Department is implementing these regulations.

The agency’s efforts, Rohrabacher said, are “perhaps a facade to obtain what we clearly have as a goal of this administration, which is to reduce America’s use of fossil fuel, even though it is now being presented to us as something about safety.” [...]

“You just won’t answer anything … because the agency may be involved in a play based on global-warming theory, trying to, again, suppress the usage and the use and availability of fossil fuels, and letting that be in the background, forcing situations and forcing people like you to have to go through those verbal acrobatics not to answer a question,” Rohrabacher told [Transportation Department regulator] Butters.

Nearly 50 people were killed in a single railway accident last year.

Are they part of the conspiracy? Maybe they never really died. Maybe the idea that Dana Rohrabacher is a human adult is perhaps a facade to hide the fact that he is one of the lizard people. It’s a theory.

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