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Conspiracy Theory


Iowa congressman and Secret Border Control Agent Steve King, the man House Republican leadership handed their border legislation over to, warns us that President Obama wants to be impeached so he can then fully realize his plans to usurp all power.

“The most extreme narcissist that you could ever find,” King said to Malzberg, “would be somebody that would say, ‘Go ahead and crucify me in the House of Representatives, but I’ve got eternal life in the United States Senate, so it will make me the martyr that I need to be and history will look on me benevolently and kindly and we will put tens of millions of illegal aliens into America who are undocumented Democrats and we will start the process to document them and thereby convert American into a leftist state in perpetuity.’”

As you may recall, King has made this accusation before although at last mention his language was not quite as grandiose.

In early July, King and fellow lunatic Steve Stockman theorized that the president was using a “Cloward-Piven maneuver” to bring about a new era of perpetual socialism. And yet House Republican leadership handed the reins over to him before finally voting on the border bill.

Aside from the obvious fact that the president is not an all-scheming dictator, the biggest problem with this theory is that the “process” King so nonchalantly glosses over would take nearly a decade even under the comprehensive immigration reform bill passed by Senate Democrats. And that is before even considering that the majority of undocumented children who have recently entered the country are under 10-years-old. Many of them wouldn’t be old enough to vote for over a decade even if they were able to become citizens tomorrow.

But, you know, maybe the president will use his time machine again.