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Conspiracy Theory

Buckle your seat belt or at least sit down before reading this.

As you may or may not have heard, the long-running comic book character Archie was killed by a bullet that was intended for his friend who is gay. And while that may seem like a noble hero’s death to you, WorldNutDaily tells us it’s actually clever Obama propaganda produced in exchange for the ambassadorship in Benghazi.

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I’ll probably be accused of being a conspiracy theorist for this…

Please proceed.

…but the timing of these social campaigns is extraordinarily coincidental. [“Archie” publisher] Goldwater and his cronies launch his big change-the-kids campaign about 2008, the nascent Obama years. Talking points are identical: change, diversity, gun control and promotion of “gay” and alternative lifestyles, specifically in the military – oh, and zombie invasions.

I’m sure it’s a total coincidence, though, and Goldwater and his co-workers have never even heard of Obama or the Democratic national platform, nor are they useful lackeys in any way or have they been promised an ambassador’s position in Libya.

Armed with the knowledge that the ambassador to Libya would be killed in Benghazi some day, the publisher of Archie plotted to kill his main character on behalf of the president’s gay children agenda before the president was even elected?

Mind blown.