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Conspiracy Theory


It’s been nearly a week since our last migrant children conspiracy theory, hasn’t it?

The impeccable writers at Matt Barber’s lunatic website inform us that President Obama brought the children into the country so he could kill 25 million Americans and then transfer ownership of their homes to the child soldiers.

via RightWingWatch

BarbWire’s Sher Zieve knows what is really behind the increase in unaccompanied minors crossing the border: President Obama’s desire to murder at least 25,000,000 people, and possibly try “to get rid of many more millions of us so that they can give our homes and possessions to the ‘new transformer illegals’…aka Obama voters and supporters.”

She writes today in a column for Matt Barber’s conservative website that anyone who resists his homicidal plans will then be called a racist, and most people would rather die than get called that!

Transformer illegals? Is that the next Michael Bay film?

As you probably recall, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC president William Gheen debuted this theory last month when he claimed that President Obama brought the children into the country to punish white people and hand over land. But while Gheen theorized that the child soldiers would ultimately serve China, the writers at BarbWire indicate that they would only serve the president. So there’s that.

Last week Rush Limbaugh also alleged that immigrant children are being brought into the country to “wrest control” from white bigots like himself.

Unfortunately that’s not true.

Once again, the majority of the immigrant children who have recently crossed the border are less than 10-years-old. How are 50,000 small children going to kill 25 million Americans?

Maybe it’s like Rep. Mo Brooks said: they’ll be given access to the nuclear launch codes!