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Conspiracy Theory

Iowa congressional candidate and Obamacare shooter Joni Ernst has been caught on video obtained by Yahoo showing her ranting about the diabolical U.N. and Agenda 21.

The United Nations has imposed this upon us, and as a U.S. senator, I would say, ‘No more. No more Agenda 21.’ Community planning — to the effect that it is implementing eminent domain and taking away property rights away from individuals — I don’t agree with that. And especially in a place such as Iowa, where we rely heavily upon our agricultural community, our rural communities. We don’t want to see things like eminent domain come into play,” Ernst said in response to a question about Agenda 21 at the forum.

“We don’t want to see a further push with Agenda 21, where the Agenda 21 and the government telling us that these are the urban centers that you will live in; these are the ways that you will travel to other urban centers,” Ernst continued. “Agenda 21 encompasses so many different aspects of our lives that it’s taking away our individual liberties, our freedoms as United States citizens. So I would adamantly oppose Agenda 21. I don’t believe it is responsible, not for United States citizens.”

Agenda 21 is a non-binding framework for sustainable economic growth for developing countries. It’s a suggestion; not a dictate.

The United Nations hasn’t imposed anything. The United Nations hasn’t implemented eminent domain. The United Nations isn’t taking away property rights. The United Nations isn’t telling you how to travel or where to live.

Agenda 21 doesn’t encompass a single aspect of your life or compromise a single Libertyfreedumb.

Joni Ernst, the second coming of Michele Bachmann, adamantly opposes something that does not exist.

Ernst also still believes in WMDs.