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Conspiracy Theory


As far as the executive vice president of the Family Research Council is concerned, it’s an established fact that President Obama “orchestrated” the migration of immigrant children who will form a new permanent Democratic voting bloc.

It’s not clear what motivation the president would have for building a voting bloc that will fully mature sometime around the year 2030, but I digress.

If this is an established fact, why hasn’t the president been impeached? Why hasn’t he been charged?

According to Jerry Boykin, the president hasn’t been removed from office because gay people, Marxists, and the Muslim Brotherhood are in cahoots and they’ve brainwashed Americans.

“The Islamists are running an influence campaign, trying to change our thinking and you saw the evidence of that when the president stood up last week and said ‘ISIS is not Islam.’ That’s an influence campaign, that’s brainwashing the American people trying to get them to believe that nonsense,” he said. “You see that also with the Marxists, Marxists are doing exactly the same thing. The LGBT lobby is doing the same thing, they are bombarding us with this messaging that is really about changing the way we think, changing our attitude.”

Islamists and gay people working together. Mass hysteria!

Boykin must not be aware that ISIS believes gay people are pedophiles, animals and creatures who must be eliminated.

Unless that’s just want they want us to believe. It’s possible ISIS is merely pretending to be one of the most violent anti-gay organizations in the world for the purposes of working with gay people to brainwash Americans into not impeaching the president over an imagined invasion of liberal children.

The lizard people could be in on it, too.