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Conspiracy Theory


Proof is in the pudding for anti-NSA complainant Larry Klayman.

According to him, the president’s refusal to nuke the entire middle east and kill Muslims on sight is proof that the president himself is a secret Muslim or “Muslim in Chief” as he puts it.

KLAYMAN: The harsh reality is that Muslims cannot be counted on to forcefully fight other Muslims, and thus Obama’s similar plan to have a coalition of primarily Arabs do the dirty work in killing ISIS is doomed for failure. But of course, that is what our so-called president wants.

Of course! Our “so-called president” wants ISIS to win.

If we really want to destroy ISIS and set an example for other radical Muslims and the Putins of the world to fear us and leave us in peace, we must use the tools that can do this. Put simply, we should employ tactical nuclear weapons to wipe out the enemy. We cannot worry that Islamic civilians will be killed in the process.

“We cannot worry that Islamic civilians will be killed” during our nuclear holocaust.

But of course, Hussein Obama will never authorize this strong action. In the last six years since he took over as our so-called commander in chief, he has ordered our brave servicemen not to fire on Muslims unless they were essentially fired upon first.

And there it is. The rules of engagement which dictate that we do not shoot first shouldn’t apply to Arab civilians and the fact that they do is proof that President Obama is trying to get American service members killed.

Given Klayman’s intense islamophobia, I think it’s fair to ask if he believes that Muslims living in America deserve the same right to privacy as others.

Klayman filed a lawsuit against the federal government challenging the NSA’s snooping power on constitutional grounds, but it seems reasonable to me to suspect that his strict constitutionalism may not apply to every single American.

How can a man who says we should massacre hundreds of thousands of innocence people possibly be taken seriously on the limits of federal power or federal overreach?

Am I relaying Klayman’s words just to discredit him, his lawsuit, and those who side with him? Absolutely. In addition to being an unparalleled Islamophobe and a birther, Klayman is also a homophobe and a racist.

If you find yourself on the same side as him on any subject, that should be your first hint that you may be wrong.