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Written by SK Ashby

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) says climate change can't be real because no major Hurricanes have struck the United States since Katrina in 2005, but he seems to be forgetting a few major storms.

Sessions appeared on the Washington Watch wingnut radio program where he declared that there's been no global warming and that buying into climate change science will lead to the New World Order. Or something.

“We remember Katrina, I know you do and I do too being from Mobile, but we haven’t had a major hurricane hit the United States in a decade. Unbelievable. Thank the Lord. The predictions were we’d have more hurricanes and more devastating.” [...]

The senator went on to say that climate change science has “a world government background to it” and will lead to “more and more world government.”

Even if major, catastrophic storms like Hurricane Sandy did not strike the US, we are hardly the only country in the world.

The strongest Hurricane ever recorded, Hurricane Patricia, struck Mexico a little more than one month ago with maximum winds of 200 miles per hour. The western Pacific also saw a rapid series of super typhoons this year that repeatedly dumped feet of rain in certain areas.

We are not the only country that matters.

As for the implication that climate change science could lead to a one world government, a global agreement to fight climate change and save the lives of millions of people hardly seems like the diabolical regime Sessions undoubtedly envisions.