Conspiracy Theory WTF

Conspiracy Theory

Written by SK Ashby

Hate Radio host Michael Savage has dire predictions for the coming Clinton presidency that go beyond the usual apocalyptic gun grab.

President Clinton apparently has special plans for transgender people according to Savage.

via RightWingWatch

Savage predicted that President Clinton will “seize guns” in order to stop an “armed rebellion.”

“She is an absolute dictator,” he said. “She will seize guns and make them illegal in any way necessary.” [...]

Savage also claimed that Clinton will usher in a societal “meltdown” and “a social nightmare”: “There will be a transgender in your soup.


Conservative voters have bought the idea that Democrats are going to snatch up all the guns in every election of the last several decades. I don't see why 2016 will be any different.

Should Hillary Clinton become the Democratic presidential nominee, I expect we will see an immediate surge in gun sales followed by another surge in November.


As for her diabolical plan to put "a transgender in your soup," I have no idea what that's suppose to mean.