Conspiracy Theory

Written by SK Ashby

Alaskan state Representative David Eastman (R) has a theory about poor women, pregnancy, Medicaid funding, and abortion.

According to Eastman, women in his state intentionally become pregnant, or carry their pregnancies longer they they normally would, so they can take a tax-payer funded vacation to Seattle for an abortion.

Eastman said Medicaid funding for travel for health care provides an incentive to become pregnant and have an abortion.

“I can think of a case that was brought to our attention earlier this session where you had a family who was very glad to hear that their abortion had gone beyond a certain point, because they were going to be heading to Seattle,” Eastman said. [...]

“You have individuals who are in villages and are glad to be pregnant, so that they can have an abortion because there’s a free trip to Anchorage involved,” Eastman said.

Imagine thinking this is a smart take.

You see, the problem is Alaskan politicians like Eastman instituted restrictions on abortion that necessitate traveling to other locations for certain procedures. Eastman is, in effect, blaming women for acting within the restrictions the state has imposed on them. And he's not just blaming them, he's saying it's a conspiracy.

Meanwhile, blink and you might miss Eastman's subtlety racist nod toward "individuals who are in villages" who are overwhelmingly indigenous people. This is the Alaskan equivalent of accusing black and Hispanic Americans of taking advantage of similar services in the lower 48 states.

Eastman represents the city of Wasilla. No word on whether he can also see Russia from his house.