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Conspiracy Theory: Ted Cruz’s Batshit Advisers Edition

Today is the 2nd annual Muslim Advocacy Day in Washington D.C. where members of the Muslim community from across the country meet with lawmakers and promote "a legislative agenda in support of equality and social justice issues that will be of benefit to all Americans, regardless of faith or background."

Diabolical, right?

While some lawmakers chose to meet with their Muslim constituents today, Ted Cruz did not. Actually, one of Ted Cruz's top advisers wrote today that the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) is actually a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood which seeks "Islamic supremacism."

In a contributor’s op-ed published on The Hill’s website, Frank Gaffney warned that “organizations associated with Islamic supremacism” are seeking to “dominate” an advocacy day on Monday on Capitol Hill.

“[L]egislators should have nothing to do with either its participants or its programs,” wrote Gaffney, the president of the Center for Security Policy.

In a poor attempt to substantiate his claim that the USCMO is in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood, Gaffney cited an arcane document from 1991(!) that alleges some form of cooperation with Muslim advocacy groups in the United States who are merely "Muslim Brotherhood fronts." Gaffney believes the document is genuine because federal prosecutors used it in court during the Bush administration.

Gaffney is one of Ted Cruz's top national security advisers. He's also a birther, among other things.

Republicans think Ted Cruz is a better option than Donald Trump. That may be the real joke here.