Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory: “Vince Fostered” Edition

Written by SK Ashby

We've all been waiting for the Vince Foster moment to arrive and it's finally here.

Peter Schweizer, the author of the unsubstantiated and error-ridden book Clinton Cash, appeared on Dana Loesch's radio show today where the two them speculated that he might be assassinated.

via Media Matters

During a May 4 appearance on The Dana Show, Loesch told Schweizer "there is always that concern for anyone who goes up against the Clinton machine that they could be Vince Fostered" and asked if he considered that possibility when "getting himself security." Schweizer replied: "Yeah, I mean look -- there are security concerns that arise in these kinds of situations."

Yeah. There's always that concern, except even Vince Foster wasn't "Vince Fostered" by the Clintons, so maybe not.