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Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, the Trump regime has proposed another rule change to deny asylum for immigrants. This one would prohibit asylum for immigrants convicted of crimes, but it includes low-level offenses such as simply entering the country.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives is voting to impeach Donald Trump along party lines, because Republicans don't give two shits about abuse of power as long as it's their guy doing the abuse.

Finally, the United States and South Korea still haven't reached an agreement on the latter picking up more of the bill for the presence of American forces, but Trump appears to be backing down from his $5 billion demand.

South Korean lawmakers have said Washington is seeking up to $5 billion a year to support the troops - more than five times the amount Seoul agreed to pay this year.

But the United States’ chief negotiator James DeHart told reporters after Wednesday’s meeting that “($5 billion) is not a number we are currently focused on in the negotiations ... when we reach an agreement, we will be in a position to explain that number and how we got there.”

“We have been listening, we have been adjusting and we have been compromising, and we know that agreement ... when we reach the agreement, the figure will be different from our initial proposal and probably different from what we’ve heard from the Korean side so far,” he added.

I think South Korea is calling Trump's bluff. Withdrawing from South Korea is probably one of the only things Republicans in Congress would never allow.

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