Rand Paul Super Stupid

Counterfeit Rand Swag is No Longer in Stock

It's inconceivable that a presidential campaign could be this incompetent, irresponsible, and frankly just stupid, but the Rand Paul campaign is here for our amusement.

The Rand Paul store has apparently been selling trademarked goods without the approval of rights holders.

Ray-Ban has asked Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential campaign to quit selling the brand’s Wayfarer sunglasses, which Paul had imprinted with the “Rand” logo. [...]

“We learned that the Rand Paul campaign had been selling Ray-Ban sunglasses imprinted with the “Rand” logo without our consent,” Jane Lehman, who handles Corporate Media at Luxottica, Ray-Ban’s public relations firm, wrote in an email to The Hill.

Stamping "Rand" on the side of a product doesn't make it yours and the "Rand-Ban" sunglasses, which sold for $150, have now been removed from the site.

No word on whether or not sales of the Rand Paul NSA spy-cam blocker have been approved by its creator.


How can we be sure that anything featured on the Rand store is legitimate?