Courageous Editor Would Bravely Shoot Unarmed Kid in the Face

This is where we’re at here in America.

Ben Howe, an editor at Erick Erickson’s Red State, says he would have shot Michael Brown in the face, too.

I have no doubt that Ben Howe, armed with a gun, would bravely stand up to the unarmed kid who does not have a gun.

Of course Ben Howe went on to explain that he believes Michael Brown wasn’t really unarmed because he was 6’4 and armed with his fists. It’s a straight-up Big Scary Black Man trope mixed with Stand Your Ground fantasy. Howe clearly believes every word of Darren Wilson’s grand jury testimony which, as I pointed out on Tuesday, is a fantastical delusion.

It should be noted that Darren Wilson is also 6’4.

I’m not saying anything we don’t already know, but America is a deeply racist country. It’s everywhere. Even people you know who you think are fairly liberal probably say and think racist things.