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Crazy Steve Stockman Posts Incoherent Manifesto Slamming ‘Liberal John Cornyn’

There’s really not much of a chance that Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX), the internet troll who wastes his taxpayer-funded congressional salary by spending all day tweeting far-right zingers, will ever defeat Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) in the forthcoming Texas senate primary.

But dammit Stockman won’t be bested without a flailing, incoherent fight. Even though he only has a (don’t laugh) $32,000 war chest compared with Cornyn’s $7 million, Stockman is fortified with Crazy Strength — the ability to, no matter what happens or who objects, shamelessly blurt unhinged fits of extremist crapola that’d make Louie Gohmert go, “That’s f*cking nuts!” And for the next three months, we’ll all be treated to a relentless shock-and-awe campaign of the most insane paleo-tea-party TV ads, web videos and, of course, Twitter outbursts unlike anything we’ve observed from the margins of the American political debate.

And I honestly think I’m understating it.

We begin with the new Stockman for Senate website on which the candidate posted what can only be described as an anti-Cornyn fundraising manifesto — practically a laundry list of incoherent demands, with each sentence as its own standalone thought, not unlike his wacky Twitter feed. In it, Stockman uses the phrase “liberal John Cornyn” 21 times, not including an additional four appearances of the phrase in Stockman’s Twitter side-bar widget… [CONTINUE READING]