Creationist Theme Park Only Hires Creationists, May Lose Tax Credits


In hindsight this seems obvious, but tax credits for the Noah’s Ark Park in Northern Kentucky may be canceled because the park won’t hire anyone who isn’t a creationist; a violation of federal law.

From The Courier-Journal:

“The Commonwealth doesn’t believe that Ark Encounter, LLC will be complying with state and Federal law in its hiring practices,” Bob Stewart, secretary of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, said in an Aug. 27 letter to an Ark Encounter attorney.

Stewart wrote that “serious concerns” were raised by a job posting for an Ark Encounter position that required applicants to provide salvation testimony, a creation belief statement, and agreement with the “Statement of Faith” of Ark Encounter’s parent organization, Answers in Genesis.

You may assume that people who aren’t creationists wouldn’t want to work at Noah’s Ark Park anyway, but the area of Kentucky south of Cincinnati where the park will be located is not known for its abundance of jobs and discriminating based on religion is against the law.

As you might have guessed, the co-founder of Answers in Genesis claims the state is denying the company their libertyfreedumbs, saying that this will force them to give up their “religious freedom” and “religious rights.”

Your religious freedom and rights end at the edge of federal law.