Cult of Personality

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Stuart Carlson)

In other news, House Republicans have voted to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from leadership because she won't agree with Trump that the 2020 election was stolen.

Meanwhile, the British government is moving to ban conversion therapy for gay and transgender people. Unfortunately, British society is still among the most transphobic in the world.

Finally, the FDA is now approving coronavirus vaccines for use in kids ages 12 to 15.

The Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved Pfizer and BioNTech’s request to allow their Covid-19 vaccine to be given to kids ages 12 to 15 on an emergency use basis, allowing states to get middle school students vaccinated before the fall.

The U.S. agency granting use of the shot in adolescents will also accelerate the nation’s efforts to drive down infections, public health officials and infectious disease experts say.

The two-dose vaccine is already authorized for use in people 16 and older.