JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Steve Benson)

In other news, Labor Department documents obtained through FOIA show that Foxconn has been outsourcing hundreds of jobs from Indiana to Mexico while promising (and failing) to create jobs in Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, the Trump regime has rejected appeals from General Motors and Volvo to exempt some of their vehicles from tariffs on goods imported from China.

Finally, national security officials are telling Congress that climate change is a serious problem even if Trump himself won't acknowledge it.

Military and intelligence officials outlined a range of long-term threats arising from climate change, including food and water shortages that can produce political turmoil and land disputes, as well as melting ice in the Arctic that Russia and other adversaries could exploit for commercial gain.

“Climate change effects could undermine important international systems on which the U.S. is critically dependent, such as trade routes, food and energy supplies, the global economy, and domestic stability abroad,” Rod Schoonover, a senior State Department analyst focusing on global issues, told members of the House Intelligence Committee. “Most countries, if not all, are already unable to fully respond to the risks posed by climate-linked hazards under present conditions."

  • muselet

    The military and the intelligence community can’t afford to worry about the politics of a threat like climate change.

    When they worry, we should all at least consider worrying a reasonable course of action


  • Aynwrong

    The Pentagon is part of the Deep Swamp(or whatever morons are calling it these days) and naturally is helping to spread the socialist hoax that is climate change in furtherance of the secret Marxist agenda of the corporate banks because corporate banks love Marxism because they’re all run by the Jews who are secretly in league with the radical Islamists so that they can build the mega caliphate and then turn us all over to the gun grabbing atheists who will make innocent children eat gay wedding cakes.

    It’s always been about those damned gay wedding cakes.

    SIDENOTE: That’s not nearly as satirical or hyperbolic as I wish it were.

    • Badgerite

      Many claps. That is ‘trumpism’ encapsulated in words. The best words. How all of these ridiculously contradictory, idiotic ideas can fit in anyone’s head is beyond me. And how in the world these jerks think they are “owning the libs” with this stupidity is beyond me.