Daily Coronavirus Deaths Explode to Over 4,100

Written by SK Ashby

When I wrote that we were approaching 4,000 daily coronavirus deaths yesterday, I honestly did not expect we would blow so far past that number within one day.

The United States recorded over 4,100 coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours and set another new record for infections.

From NBC News:

The exact number was 4,110 deaths, and there were 268,883 cases reported, breaking the record for both for the second consecutive day.

On Wednesday, the country set a near identical record of 268,840 cases and posted 3,920 deaths, the highest daily total before Thursday.

This week alone, 1,614,756 new cases and 19,230 deaths were logged.

We're losing about 20,000 people per week and these numbers could potentially climb even higher.

NBC News also reports that California health officials say the state's current surge in daily deaths can be attributed to infections that occurred around Thanksgiving. And that's staggering to consider. I mean, if this is what it looks like when Thanksgiving deaths catch up to us, what's it going to look like when Christmas and New Years deaths catch up? Our daily infection numbers are higher than they were at any point prior to now so it seems reasonable to infer that this is not the peak of daily deaths.

California alone has deployed nearly 100 refrigerated trailers to serve as temporary morgues and that's probably not going to be enough.

Trump finally conceded last night and he tweeted this morning that he will not attend Biden's inauguration. He's on his way out, but this is how he's going out. Trump's incitement got 5 people including a capitol police officer killed this week, but 400,000 other dead people will be behind them by the time Biden is sworn into office. People will still be dying because of Trump even after he's out.

And I looked, and behold an orange horse: and his name that sat upon him was Death and Hell followed with him.