Darrell Issa Has “Facts” That Lead Nowhere


House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa can’t point toward a “smoking gun” that proves anyone ordered the IRS to intentionally target Tea Party groups applying for non-profit status, but is he armed with “facts” that he also can’t quantify.

[On] CNN on Sunday, Issa also declined to directly answer questions about whether there was a “smoking gun” linking the White House to the controversy. [...]

“What we do is, we follow the facts,” Issa said. ”As we get to the facts, we then follow additional facts. The facts show that William Taylor’s client, Lois Lerner, is, in fact, pivotal to this unfairly treating conservative groups.”

The reason you know Darrell Issa is full of shit is because Lois Lerner has not been charged with a criminal act. He doesn’t have the “facts” to do that, and he never will because Lois Lerner is not the real target of this investigation.

What Issa hopes to prove is that Lerner, who only learned about the activities of the Cincinnati field office after-the-fact much like the rest of us, was ordered by the White House to take action.

The witch hunter’s brain-trust holds that evidence of this was contained in the missing emails that, as we’ve discussed before, went missing over three years ago before Lois Lerner even became aware of the situation.

Lerner is being dragged through the mud to service Issa’s fantasy of impeaching the president.

Issa has spent the entire duration of his term as committee chairman chasing fake scandals that have led nowhere. He doesn’t want to close out his term at end of this year knowing that he’s the biggest failure to ever fail, does he? Probably not. That’s why he’s becoming more desperate and perjuring himself on a weekly basis.

I maintain that paying closer attention to groups applying for non-profit status that list goals such as abolishing the IRS is common sense; not politics.