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David Letterman Has Sex and Health Care

Posted by JumpyPants

I was driving past the Ed Sullivan Theater a few hours ago looking for a parking space, and on literally every one of the 8 corners near the theater was at least one camera crew. Yes, the MSM is nearly tripping over itself to cover a story about a celebrity who had consensual sex with someone who worked for him, and an idiot who tried to blackmail him about it.

Did you see that last sentence up there, right above this one? That's the ENTIRE Letterman story. The only part that's missing is the part about how Dave has great health care, because he's rich. That part has been left out of the story.

Here's an idea: how about somebody tries to blackmail the Insurance Industry, accusing it of having sex with Max Baucus, going to the MSM to report on the long, steamy sessions in which the Insurance Industry wears leather chaps and Max Baucus dresses as a French maid. Maybe that would help the MSM start to talk about how Max Baucus and the Insurance Industry are in fact screwing millions of us.

Can someone with mad skilz please Photoshop Max Baucus as a French maid, and post in the comments?