Debt Deal Ignores Jobs, Housing and Growth

Ali Velshi from CNN does a nice job outlining what this debt ceiling deal won't do:

BLITZER: Is this deal, Ali, so much focusing in on America's AAA credit rating, but at least in the short run, do you think it's going to spark this U.S. economy and we're going to see some growth, some job creation?

VELSHI: No, because this was not the problem. While Republicans and Tea Party members have been very effective at painting this as the single biggest problem that the U.S. economy is facing and that helped them succeed in the last mid-term elections, economically, it isn't. It was always a distant second to jobs and economic growth. So the problem is we've got way too many unemployed people.

Look, there's three things affect you, right, your ability to earn a living, your ability to have your investments increase in value, and your home. This isn't going to do anything for housing whatsoever. This does nothing for jobs. And in terms of investment, all this has done is cost us because of this game they've been playing in Washington. So no.

But, but, but what does this have to do with who won and who lost? MSNBC is telling me that the win/loss debate is more important than the substance of the policy. I'm so confused and frightened.