Deciphering Newt is a Waste of Time

Jason Linkins and TPM are busily trying to unravel Newt Gingrich's vigorous and incomprehensible Facebook post in which he tries to justify is obviously contradictory remarks about the president's Libya actions.

Sorry, guys, it's a total waste of time and effort.

All we need to know about Newt when it comes to these (and other) remarks is that he's only interested in saying the opposite of what the president says. That's all. In fact, this rule applies to all modern Republicans. They have no serious positions on the issues -- backed up by facts, numbers and reality -- they only express the opposite of what the president says.

Trying to unscramble their logic is a wild goose chase.

The president could observe that the sky is blue, and the Republicans would reply, "Nuh-uh! Commie!" Then, if the president responds by conceding, "Well, they're partly right, the sky can be several colors depending on the time of day," they'd reply, "No no no!!! The sky is only blue! Why does Obama hate America?!" There's nothing there. It's just the opposite.

But good try, gentlemen.